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Only Hope For The Sustenance In This Cut Throat Competitive World.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

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Waiting Must be used for
Introspection & planning the strategy.

“But you must not depend on any foreign help. Nations, like individuals, must help themselves. This is real patriotism. If a nation cannot do that, its time has not yet come. It must wait.”
 - Swami Vivekananda

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Feeling Good towards
 is more paying!
Sorry! I was out of station for last two days.

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Doing good to others is virtue (dharma); injuring others is sin. Strength and manliness are virtue; weakness and cowardice are sin. Independence is virtue; dependence is sin. Loving others is virtue; hating others is sin. Faith is god and in one’s own self is virtue; doubt is sin. Knowledge of oneness is virtue; seeing diversity is sin. 


Thursday, 5 May 2011

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Letter No.127 :- 6th July, 1896, 63 St. George’s Road, London, S.W., Dear Frankincense (Mr. Francis Leggett), I simply admire joe in her tact and quiet way. She is a feminine statesman or woman. She can wield a Kingdom. I have seldom seen such strong yet good common sense in a human being.

This British Empire with all its drawbacks is the greatest machine that ever existed for the dissemination of ideas. I mean to put my ideas in the centre of this machine, and they will spread all over the world. Of course, all great work is slow, and the difficulties are too many, especially as we Hindus are the conquered race. Yet, that is the very reason why it is, bound to work, for spiritual ideals have always come from the downtrodden.

You will be pleased to know that I am also learning my lessons every day in patience and, Love all, in sympathy. I think I am beginning to seethe Divine, even inside the high and mighty Anglo-Indians. I think I am slowly approaching to that state when I should be able to love the very “Devil” himself, if there were any.

Universal Love = Compassion.
At twenty years of age I was the most unsympathetic, uncompromising fanatic; I would not walk on the footpath on the theatre side of the streets in Calcutta. At thirty-three, I can live in the same house with prostitutes and never would think of saying a word of reproach to them. Is it degenerate? Or is it that I am broadening out into the Universal Love which is the Lord Himself? Again, I have heard that if one does not see the evil round him, he cannot do good work – he lapses into assort of fatalism. I do not see that. On the other hand, my power of work is immensely increasing and becoming immensely effective. Some days I get into a sort of ecstasy. I feel that I must bless every one, everything, love and embrace everything, and I do see that evil is a delusion. I am in one of these moods now, dear Francis, and am actually shedding tears of joy at the thought of you and Mrs. Leggett’s love and kindness to me. I bless the day I was born. I have had so much of kindness and love here, and that Love Infinite that brought me into being has guarded every one of my actions, good or bad, (don’t be frightened) for what am I, what was I ever, but a tool in His hand? – for whose service I have given up everything, my beloved ones, my joys, my life. He is my playful darling. I am His playfellow. There is neither rhyme nor reason in the universe! What reason binds Him? He the playful one is playing these tears and laughter over all parts of the play! Great fun, great fun, as Joe, says.

It is a funny world, and the funniest chap you ever saw is He – the Beloved Infinite! Fun, is it not? Brotherhood or playmatehood – a school of roaming children let out to play in this playground of the world! Isn’t it? Whom to praise, whom to blame, it is all His play. They want explanations, but how can you explain Him? He is brainless, nor has He any reason. He is fooling us with little brains and reason, but this time He won’t find me napping.

I have learnt a thing or two : Beyond, beyond reason and learning and talking is the feeling, the “Love”, the “Beloved”. Ay, sake, fill up the cup and we will be mad.

- Swami Vivekananda

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

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Every good thought that we send to the world without thinking of any return, will be stored up there and break one link in the chains, and make us purer and purer, until we becomes the purest of mortals.

- Swami Vivekananda
Power of Goodness!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

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Letter No.126 :- May, 1896, 63 St. George’s Road, London, Dear Miss Noble, My idea indeed can be put into a few words and that is : to preach unto mankind their divinity, and how to make it manifest in every movement of life.

This world is in chains of superstition. I pity the oppressed, whether man or woman, and I pity more the oppressors.

One idea that I see clear as daylight is that misery is caused by ignorance and nothing else. Who will give the world light? Sacrifice in the past has been the Law, it will be, alas, for ages to come. The earths’s bravest and best will have to sacrifice themselves for the god of many, for the welfare of all. Buddhas by the hundred are necessary with eternal love and pity.
Religions of the world have become lifeless mockeries. What the world wants is character. The world is in need for those whose life is one burning love, selfless. That love will make every word tell like thunderbolt.

It is no superstition with you, I am sure, you have the making in you of a world-mover, and others will also come. Bold words and bolder deeds are what we want. Awake, awake, great ones! The world is burning with misery. Can you sleep? Let us call and call till the sleeping gods awake, till the god within answers to the call. What more is in life? What great work? The details come to me as I go. I never make plans. Plans grow and work themselves. I only say, awake, awake!

May all blessings attend you for ever!

- Swami Vivekananda  

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Letter No.125 :- May, 1896, 63 St. George’s Road, London, Dear Sister (Miss Marry Hale), (About coming back to India after being successful through tremendous work in America) I like to see new things. I do not care a fig to loaf about old ruins and mope a life out about old histories and keep sighing about the ancients. I have too much vigour in my blood for that. In America is the place, the people, the opportunity for everything. I have become horribly redical. I am just going to India to see what I can do in that awful mass of conservative jelly-fish, and start a new thing, entirely new – simple, strong, new, and fresh as the first born baby.

   The eternal, the infinite, the omnipresent, the omniscient is a principle, not a person. You, I, and everyone are but embodiments of that principle; and the more of this infinite principle is embodied in a person, the greater is he, and all in the end will be the perfect embodiment of that, and thus all will be one, as they are now essentially. This is all there is of religion, and the practice is through this feeling of oneness that is love.

   All old fogey forms are mere old superstitions. Now, why struggle to keep them alive? Why give thirsty people ditch-water to drink whilst the river of life and truth flows by? This is only human selfishness, nothing else. Life is short – time is flying – that place and people where one’s ideas work best should be the country and the people for everyone. Ay for a dozen bold hearts, large, noble, and sincere!

   I am very well indeed and enjoying life immensely.
            - Swami Vivekananda

Sunday, 1 May 2011

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1) "Then you see, to put the Hindu ideas into English and then make out of dry philosophy and intricate mythology and queer startling psychology, a religion which shall be easy, simple, popular, and at the same time meet the requirement of the highest minds – is a task only those can understand who have attempted it."
-Swami Vivekananda
Philosophy can be practicalized!
2) "The dry Advaita must become living – poetic – in everyday life; out of hopelessly intricate mythology must come concrete moral forms; and out of bewildering Yogi-ism must come the most scientific and practical psychology – and all this must be put in a form so that a child may grasp it. That is my life’s work."
- Swami Vivekananda

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