Swami Vivekananda

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Bhakti Yoga – The Essence of Human Life!

Shri Krishna, the magical personality of Indian psyche, has expounded “Bhakti Yoga” in the 12th Chapter of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Bhakti Yoga has great potentialities. At first glance, it looks to be passive a approach, related to the ritualism. Swami Vivekananda highlighted the practical aspect of the Bhakti Yoga, very much suitable to tackle modern challenges.
Bhakti Yoga, when applied to day to day life, makes the life struggle, meaningful. It takes out boredom from our daily mundane life. It gives higher dimensions to our approaches. It makes our efforts contained, irrespective of success or failure. A silent music vibrates in our heart in spite of the challenges ahead of us, which is the climax, the goal of Bhakti Yoga.
Morality is the first qualification for the Bhakti approach. The more moral a person is more he enjoys this approach. In every effort our morality improves. Improved morality prepares us for the most coveted positions in social life. It leads to ultimate annihilation of our ego. This state in other words is described as Samadhi. To forget ourselves in our job is a sort of Samadhi to some extent. It helps us to gather our outgoing mental energies to concentrate upon the job assigned to us, in our work area. It joyfully improves our concentration. Increased concentration can visualize the intricacies of the assigned job. Such a person eliminate various intermediate efforts and swiftly arrive at the final goal i.e. result. This approach gives us inexpressible joy while approaching the result. Essence of various activities in our mundane life is nothing but to acquire joy. Isn’t it?
The approach of Bhakti Yoga fulfill our every ambition in a very silent way. It has to be prescribed from the childhood. Parents should understand Bhakti Yoga in their life first. It will ultimately get transmitted to our next generation. It will improve the morality of the nation. It seems to be a very uphill task. As the time is passing we see the number of good people in society is also increasing. Unfortunately we are habitual of seeing the negative people first. Sri Ramakrishna says, “When you proceed East, West will be away from us”. According to Swami Vivekananda, “All the power of goodness must come together to deal with the power of badness in the society”. At present the power of badness in the world is united, it seems. Power of goodness is not united to that extend. Hence the disappointments! It can be reversed. The electronic media and print media can help us in this regards. The people who handle these media must be ungraded to the higher morality by restraining the sensational news to certain extent. The goodness must be highlighted equally in the media. It will help the new generation to a great extend. Thus nation will become more and more powerful in the decades to come. Where there is morality the problem diminishes. This approach has to be imbibed in the minds of younger generation right from childhood.