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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Three Dimentions of a Personality!

Present Scenario of humanity :– After the independence of India, the immediate concern for people was to provide food for all, infrastructural improvement, availability of consumer commodities, industrial development, good governance etc. Education specially, quality basic education was the one of the priorities. India learnt her lessons during this span of time, progressing through ups and downs, accordingly. There are various factor, citizens of the world should take into account, for over all progress of a nation and to eliminate the short comings, human society facing today. 

Dimensions of a personality:- Human being is considered wisest living being on this planate. Human resources of any nation are the key to the respective nation. To rear this human resource properly, is the back bone, for speedy and solid progress of a nation. Human resource management therefore is unavoidable. Man learns his lesson right from the womb of the mother. Various researches confirmed it. As a child he watches around itself and try to co-relate the things, thus progress starts on physical and intellectual level.

Physical Dimensions:- The physical growth of a person is vital for the sustenance. Proper physical education helps a person to accept and face the natural challenges. Food is the source of energy for the physical growth. Acquiring food therefore becomes another immediate goal for a person. If he exerts himself for acquiring food for a specific duration, he becomes content for that period only. Thus planning comes into existence giving rise to use intellect sensibly.  

Intellectual Dimensions :- Intellectual growth is somewhat governed by the ability to discriminate and education system, the man has evolved. Education system again is divided into primary level, middle level, secondary level, higher secondary level, degree level, post graduate level and other higher levels. If we take care of primary level education, the child starts growing in expected direction. The child should be nurtured by the society with utmost attention through these education levels so that the final product is as desired.

Moral Dimensions :- At present, moral dimension is given least attention in any modern society resulting into less secured society. Expected physical and intellectual growth of society is governed more comfortably, if we are concerned about the moral dimension of the society. At present all the difficulty we are facing in order to create a healthy society is, due to lack of paying proper attention to this most vital moral dimension of a student. Very few visualize its significance, but no proper social support, thus they are content with their concerns. Sharp intellect without proper morality, deem to be a curse. Thus, significance of moral dimension is vital for the sustenance of any nation. India, through its long history has evolved “eternal values” for a constantly changing society. The result is the strong cultural strength of India from time immemorial. Even after most vital blows India could survive, whereas other nations could not. The credit goes to her culture and the human qualities they evolved. At this extremely dangerous juncture of human race, it is binding for us to pay more attention to moral dimension of young generation. Today, the world has become very small, credited to communication and information technology. Negativity quickly reaches society, feeling hope less to progress. But at the same time, if we join together to use the same channel to infuse goodness in society, it will turn into a boon.
Decision making now a days is an important means to success. Intellectual decisions without morality do not last long. Rather, its immediate side effects are fatal. It is coming out of a well and falling back into a lack. We observe that, a person who is less intelligent but more moral, on a long run, his life is happier than the former. Persons are tempted to take decisions with the focus on immediate gains are generally lacks morality. At the end of the day, he has to be ready to follow its side effects. Ultimately, he adds sorrows than the actual happiness. In such cases more energy is consumed to tackle the consequences than required. If we teach students to care about the whole of his life, it is easy to help him to become more moral which brings more happiness. If we multiply this process in the society during school and college age of a person, we are actually helping him to become happier in his future life. The world is hopelessly expecting it to happen at this stage of human history. On this line, mind blowing is going on in almost all the nations, compelling to pay more attention to the “personality development” of a man for a safer future society.
Society generally needs an ideal person to follow on the way to progress. Where will you find a person suitable for this, other than “Cyclonic Monk of India - Swami Vivekananda”? The 150th Birth day celebrations of Swami Vivekananda from the year 2010 to 2014 are dedicated for this cause. Let us join hands together to help out our new generations to be better than us. Let the teachings of Swami Vivekananda spread like a wild fire into almost all the corners of India, nay, the world. Let the new generation read more and more Swami Vivekananda repeatedly first.  Through “Vivekananda Study Circles” in every locality, will provide the opportunity to younger generation. More and more they read Swamiji, better for future society. Our job ends there. They will decide how to implement it in their everyday life, in order to face most challenging jobs they will be facing, which they generally dream about.      

Conclusion – Physical level joy no doubt give us instant happiness. Physical level coupled with intellectual joy gives us little longer happiness. But if we want more intense and long lasting happiness, we have to couple physical, intellectual and moral levels of the society. Habit of self-restrain is the only way for that. No doubt, carries us to higher dimensions of life after the death also, giving opportunity for repetition, but in this birth itself we start gaining dividends.  At the same time, it makes us eligible for better environment and infrastructure in our next birth also. Then what to worry about? Human birth do not end after the death. Even though desires are endless, If we miss something in this birth there are infinite births to try once more. Thus way to desirelessness, which is immortality.
In this direction, if we can motivate our society, there is no fear about world’s future generation. As the time progress, this process will become more matured and India will regain its lost glory as prophesized by Swami Vivekananda. Global leadership is bound to come to India through this line. It is a matter of time. But before that, is it not our national duty to help to put future society on this path?
Time has come to develop a mechanism to synthesize the above mentioned three dimensions of human personality. Rather, such mechanism is already evolving steadfastly. Those who have vision, already become content with fulfillment.

Swami Supradiptananda
Vice Principal
R.K.M. Narottam Nagar
Arunachal Pradesh.

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